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About Us

Our state-of-the-art training facility in Knocklyon will help you get  in shape. We specialize in personal training,  one-to-one or small group training in kettle-bells. Training with ROD Fitness you are guaranteed personal attention whether you are training one to one or small group classes.

Our one-to-one classes provide the most flexibility , where you are allocated a specific time that suits your schedule and a very wide range of exercises and equipment coupled with our individual attention and advice. We tailor our training to suit your needs and fitness level and improve to your sustainable level. Exercise needs to be enjoyable so I encourage the client to enjoy and value their effort and develop a health and wellness culture for any age group.

We want to help our clients achieve their goals whether it be weight loss, strength and conditioning, general or sport specific fitness. All our training includes flexibility and core strength. We also use heart rate monitoring to assure clients are not over or under training. A typical session includes a warm up phase and dynamic stretch a main phase that includes strength and conditioning and core strength (essential for athletes) and a warm down and static stretch. All our classes include a wide variety of exercises so we can find a range of exercises that suits your needs. Our gym/studio has machine weights, free weights , cardio-equipment, kettle-bells and an exercise cage so we promise we will find an exercise that suits your fitness needs. We will also give you dietary advice and home exercise plans.

We are interested in you, your health, wellness and fitness ! In our classes we give personal attention to you. We give you motivation from an expert in fitness and motivation with a lifetime of experience. Please come and try out our facility and experience it for yourself!